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JM Agriculture Fund will be focusing on the investment of high-quality agricultural projects in Australia. We will conduct due diligence checks and analysis to select projects that meet the investment standards; With continuous investment management and a clear exit plan, the investors will have the opportunities to participate in the development of the Australian agricultural industry.

Currently, JM Agriculture project funds are mainly divided into:

  1. JM SIV Agriculture Fund

  2. JM Agriculture Fund.


About SPV Company


By holding the claims of the SPV (special purpose vehicle) project company, JM Agriculture Funds will be able to invest the funds in high-quality agricultural development projects in Australia. The fields of investment include, but not limited to, agricultural land acquisition, land leasing business, and aquaculture (crayfish as the main product) operations and so on.

The short-term goal of the SPV company is to achieve capital appreciation by holding Australian agricultural land; Meanwhile, introducing a professional team with a high level of expertise and experience to professionally manage the agricultural operations and achieve an increase in the firm’s market value. For the long-term purpose, the firm aims to scale up agricultural production and operation.

The agricultural assets held by the SPV company are mainly tangible physical assets (such as land, livestock, and crops). As a result of the low correlation between agricultural assets and traditional assets, the SPV company will be facing the small impact of economic slowdown, and it can offset the risk of income depreciation caused by the inflation. The SPV company may choose to directly invest in agricultural assets, or potentially create earnings by engaging in agricultural business activities.

SPV Business Model


Land Acquisition



Hold and


Agricultural Projects
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Cherax Park

Cherax Park was established in 1999 and has become the biggest operational Crayfish facility in South East Queensland,  located in 40km north of Gympie, Queensland.. Cherax Park operating at the highest level of standards in the industry, who is also AQIS accredited for the export of live Crayfish and conforms to HACCP standards.

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Townsville Agricultural Project

In Townsville, we have invested and held a 42.33-hectare farm, due to the warm climate condition of all four seasons in the area, Townsville has unique crayfish breeding conditions. Under normal circumstances, the farm can raise a large number of Crayfish seedlings and the output can potentially cover the needs of all Australia areas, or even have surplus for export.

Fusion Farming Hatchery Base

Fusion Farming was established in 2019. It is located in the Sunshine Coast Industrial Zone witha total area of 1,000 square meters. It is a professional and independent crayfish nursery.

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